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BackWoodz CBD Flower Reviews Page

Posted on February 27 2020

BackWoodz CBD Flower Reviews

New reviews of Backwoodz CBD flower from trusted reviewers of all things CBD and cannabis related.


Foolish MF Harley B Review



Shabazz Harley/Frosted Lime Review



Bhutlah Bobby Harley B Review

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  • Smoking Jay/ Hawaiian Haze: June 10, 2020

    We bought a QP. Love sale. $100. Well spent.
    Really good day time. Focus. I don’t smoke
    THC bud, just CBD buds. Hawaiian haze will left feel great, focused, just a tad feeling of a THC body buzz. Nothing crazy. As I freak out on THC buzz. We recommend it. Probably would’ve been better for delivery timing, but we have Coronavirus messing delivery times.
    After all day smoking. You’re still able to relax and sleep good at night. Or I roll a Merlot Doobie before bed to fall asleep quick. Especially having p.t.s.d this product helps.

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