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The Buzz is the new BackWoodz CBD Blog spot. Keep up to date on news, flower reviews, DIY recipes, exotic strain releases and all things CBD.

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  • CBD Cannabutter and Cooking Oil Recipe

    Jan 28 2020

        Venturing into the joyous wide open world of baked edibles and cannabis cooking is exciting and somewhat overwhelming. Two of the si...

  • Decarboxylation for CBD Flower

    Jan 15 2020

      Easy Oven Decarb     A quick breakdown of how to decarb your CBD flower. This process will turn the THCa and CBDa in your flower i...

  • BackWoodz CBD Flower Reviews by Sarkazz

    Dec 12 2019

    The wonderful and always entertaining Sarkazz has reviewed a few BackWoodz strains and will be reviewing every strain and exotic we have ...

  • CBD Absorption Rate

    Nov 15 2019

               CBD Absorption Rate   CBD FLOWER:  is one of the fastest full forms of absorption. The effects of smoking flower begins immedi...

  • Buying in Bulk

    Oct 08 2019

    BackWoodz premium CBD hemp flower is now available in quarter, half and full lb. We can also work with most mix and match bulk orders. Pr...

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