Aloha Haze

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Genetics: Undocumented ( Sativa Dominant )

Scent: Tropical / Sweet 

Taste: Citrus / Sour  

CBD Potency: 14.82


Aloha sets itself apart with medium-sized flowers that adhere in almost globular formation. Though tightly-packed at the core, these seedless flowers have loose, fluffy leaves that twist out along the fringes. The leaves are a bright, yellowish green. Aloha’s bud are also notable for their unique and eye-catching red pistils that stand out in vivid contrast against the leaves. A carpet of cloudy white trichomes covers these amazing flowers, making them very sticky to the touch.

 Aloha gives off strong citrus notes that are rather sweet . This fruity aroma has a tropical edge, almost like grapefruit or pineapple. Grinding up or picking apart Aloha CBD flowers unlocks their herbal scent, which is somewhat reminiscent of staple strain Haze. Aloha burns with a very smooth and easily palatable smoke. This smoke tastes mouth-puckeringly sweet and citrusy on the exhale.


All our premium CBD hemp flower products go through rigorous 3rd party testing with a 7 point inspection process including moisture content, terpene analysis, potency analysis, foreign matter inspection, mycotoxin screening, heavy metal screening, and pesticide residue analysis. Aloha Haze tests out with a 14.82 CBD% and under . 3%THC delta 9 in accordance with Farm Bill sec. 7606 of The Agricultural Act of 2014.

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