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December 18, 2020 2 min read

Potency Versus Bag Appeal

When considering making a purchase of a new hemp flower strain which matters most?  Some consumers are looking for the potency benefits of a solid well-rounded CBD flower while others are enticed by the flashy new hydroponic grow. Many others are shopping for the perfect balance of both


 BackWoodz CBD - Hydroponic CBD Flower


Hemp Flower Bag Appeal

When it comes to selecting hemp, bag appeal consumers often look for several main factors. The bud structure, seed count and trim are the starting point of an aesthetically pleasing hemp flower. Heavily frosted flower with a dense tricome production are often sought after. A beautiful color combination of vivid greens, bright oranges and dark purples is another key element when making a bag appeal purchase. In some cases, extravagant packaging or catchy branding may become a deciding factor. Although, alluring visuals are great for show and photos these strains frequently miss the mark on desired potency and effects. Other well grown and cured CBD flower strains may have both high potency and stunning bag appeal.

BackWoodz CBD - Potent Hemp Flower 


Hemp Flower Potency

Potency is a crucial element for numerous self-medicating hemp flower consumers. In many cases highly potent strains with a balanced cannabinoid profile may miss the mark on eye popping looks. These strains are often grown using natural light and maybe be seeded. While potency is subjective on a consumer basis checking 3rd party lab reports may give insight into the proper cannabinoid percentages needed for a power hemp strain. These cannabinoids include CBD, THC, THCa, CBN and CBG. Potency smokers will typically find these hemp strains a far more affordable in price and usually available in discounted smaller buds.


 BackWoodz CBD Bag Appeal Hemp Flower


How to Choose?

Both bag appeal and potency strains have solidified their place in the hemp community. The answer is best left to the individual buyer and is one that based on the consumer need. It is a wonderful time to be alive when you can choose to be laid back off the Ugly Duckling OG or taking amazing macro shots of Rainbow Kush for a review. As the industry expands more options are becoming readily available. At BackWoodz we look forward to providing our customers with both options.









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