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Backwoodz CBD FAQ page. Answers to many frequently asked questions including CBD flower legality, hemp flower products and shipping times.

CBD Flower

Yes! All BackWoodz products  are 3rd party testing through certified
labs. COAs are available under each product image and also shipped with orders

Possibly! CBD Flower contains small amounts of THC. Many things factor
into the accumulation of detectable THC on drug tests including personal metabolism and frequency of use. 

Yes! CBD Flower and hemp products under .3% Delta 9 THC are federally legal and protected under the US Farm Bill sec. 7606

No! CBD Flower will not get you high but does offer great benefits for the consumer.

Most outdoor strains are harvested in October and run the until the harvest. The turnaround on Greenhouse and Indoor varies between 3-4 months.

Delta 8 Products

Currently Delta 8 is legal federally. Although you must assume the risks
based on individual state laws. It is a market we are watching closely.

Delta 8 is known for its euphoric effect and may buzz or impair consumers based on tolerance. This product should be used responsibly.

Shipping and orders

You are able to change or cancel your order prior to shipping . If you would like to purchase a different item, or no longer wish to receive your order, please contact customer service. Once item is shipped sales are final. In certain instances unopened products maybe returned for a refund or swapped out. 

Standard orders ship typically within 48 hrs. Wholesale orders may take longer. Shipping times differ slightly depending on the state in which you place your order but 3-5 business days from order date is normal shipping time.

We are responsible for your package until it reaches the United States Post Office. BackWoodz will not be held responsible for any customer errors on the shipping form, shipping delays, forwarding services or lost/stolen packages. In the case that your shipment is lost or damaged in transit; The customer is responsible for filing a claim. Although depending on circumstances in lost standard shipments (not wholesale) marked "not delivered" replacements may be sent out.

Yes! Many of our strains and products are available for wholesale and prepackaged retail. Contact us for pricing and wholesale customer verification.

International orders are accepted at your own risk. We are now able to take international orders using USPS shipping only, as it offers the best layer of protection on overseas shipments. BackWoodz will be NOT be held accountable for international shipments being seized by customs or any order lost after leaving the United States. Backwoodz is not responsible for other countries taxes and VAT tariffs due on delivery. These products are all legal in the United States but the customer (and all consumers) will remain liable in abiding to the laws in their country on CBD, Hemp and Cannabis.

Shipping cost vary based on distance. The average shipping cost for First Class orders is $4 USD and $8 USD for USPS Priority. International shipping will vary,