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Wholesale Hemp Flower

Wholesale CBD Flower and D8 Flower

BackWoodz offers bulk, discount and wholesale hemp flower. Wholesale pricing is available in prepackaged retail sized bags and bulk lbs. All of our personally selected wholesale CBD flower is premium retail ready bud. This is not old light decarbed, dry or broken flower buds. These are well sealed bags and preserved right from the freshest harvest or indoor grow cycles. Use the easy contact form below for current and future availability.


Wholesale hydroponic hemp flower at BackWoodz

Wholesale Hydroponic CBD flower

BackWoodz offers limited wholesale availability on top-shelf hydroponic hemp flower strains. Indoor and hydro are small batch grows that may be purchased in bulk lbs and smaller retail branded bags. These strains are at a high demand and sold on a first come, first serve basis. Contact us for immediate stock and future availability.


Wholesale Hemp Flower at BackWoodz 

Wholesale Outdoor CBD flower

Outdoor hemp is typically available for wholesale and prepackaged retail at all times. Our CBG flower selection is also available upon request. Discounted CBD flower and seeded hemp strains may be available at various times. These strains are cheaper and aimed for casual smokers, processing and craft projects.


Wholesale D8 Flower at BackWoodz

Wholesale D8 Flower and Delta-8 products

BackWoodz offers wholesale on potent Delta-8 flower and D8 products. Our wholesale D8 flower options are custom made to order using cannabis derived terpenes with no alcohol or solvents used in processing. These Delta-8 coated buds have a quick turnaround time and usually shipped within 2 business days.


All wholesale orders are shipped discreetly and fully insured. Faster shipping options such as next-day air and 2 day express may be available for your delivery location.