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December 01, 2021 2 min read

The Legalization of Cannabis in Virginia

After the 2020 in-state decriminalization of cannabis, the ball began rolling in the Commonwealth of Virginia to push for full recreational legalization and retail sales. July 1st, 2021 marked the official legalization date for cannabis in Virginia. This now makes Virginia the first southern state to fully legalize this beneficial plant for recreational use. The current state laws will not allow legal recreation sales until as late as January 2024. Although it may seem like a long wait, VA has still made progress with the early launching of statewide medical dispensaries and allowing personal recreational consumption. Medicinal Mary Jane may now be purchased by medical card holders legally from licensed dispensaries. These dispensary locations may be found online via search engine, local listings or recommended by your doctor.


 Virginia Cannabis Legalization - BackWoodz


What is now legal?

- Virginia residents (21+) are now able to possess up to 1 oz in public.

- Under the new law Virginians may consume cannabis products in private settings away from public view.

- When traveling with cannabis in vehicles, all containers should be sealed and away from reach. Trunk storage or locked glove-box is ideal when transporting all thc products.

- Up to 1 oz may be gifted to friends and family members 21+. Gifting in Virginia must be done without any monetary or profitable transactions.

- Virginia residents (21+) are now able to grow 4 plants per household. All cannabis plants must not be visible in public. Each plants must be labeled with a legible tag stating owners name, driver’s license and marked indicating the plant is for personal use.   


What is still prohibited?

- Smoking, vaping or consuming cannabis products in public is still prohibited and may result fines if caught.

- Selling recreational cannabis, seeds, clones or any other D9 THC products is currently still illegal in Virginia. Medical card holders may purchase these consumable products legally through medical dispensaries located throughout the state.

- Home manufacturing of oils, edibles, concentrates and hash is still considered prohibited.

- Shipping in-state and crossing state lines still breaks the federal regulations on cannabis. All gifting should be done privately and in-person.

- Cannabis is not permitted in school zones or bus stops

- Much like alcohol, operating a motor vehicle while consuming or under the influence of cannabis products is illegal.   


 BackWoodz Cartel - Virginia Cannabis Legalization


The future of cannabis in Virginia

With recreational sales on the horizon it is an exciting time for BackWoodz and the future of cannabis in the South. Many licensed breeders and cultivators will now be given an opportunity to showcase their amazing cannabis genetics and unique grows. Some counties and cities may not be eligible or opt out of 2024 retail dispensary zoning. As this legalization program is further planned please take into account that laws and regulations are always subject to change. It is important to stay up-to-date on any changes in product legality or restrictions in your state and local jurisdiction. Everyone is looking forward to this new freedom and having a safe and legal cannabis community in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 


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