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November 15, 2019 1 min read

CBD Absorption Rate

CBD Flower and Hemp Flower absorption rate - BackWoodz


CBD FLOWER:  is one of the fastest full forms of absorption. The effects of smoking hemp flower begins immediately and will last a few hours. Each strain varies in CBD / THC percentages. The more potent strains tend to medicate the consumer longer.   


CBD OIL: is another quick way of delivering a quality dose of CBD. The best way to maximize absorption with oils and tinctures is to allow it to slowly absorb under the tongue. The quality and mg will determine the longevity of the dose. The effects of oil should begin within a few minutes of dosing and last 4 hours or more.


CBD VAPE: is similar to flower. Most all forms of CBD absorbed through the lungs begin working with-in seconds and will commonly last 1-2 hours. 


CBD TOPICAL: will have a bit slower rate of absorption, usually taking 30 to 90 mins to fully absorb into the bloodstream. Most topical products are targeted for pain relief and will last 4-6 hrs while maximizing the rate of absorption in the applied areas.   


CBD EDIBLES: is another popular product with slow absorption rates but long-lasting effects. Since edibles, candy and capsules all rely on the digestive system and stomach, full effects may not begin for several hrs after ingesting but can benefit the consumer for many hours afterwards.


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