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January 15, 2020 2 min read

Easy Oven Decarb

A quick breakdown of how-to decarb your CBD flower. This process will turn the THCa and CBDa in your flower into the active compound’s THC and CBD, using heat. This heat will cause the acid in the cannabinoids, to release a carbon dioxide molecule, changing the chemical formula. 


Decarbing CBD Flower and Hemp  


Decarboxylation instantly happens when smoking or vaping. When looking to achieving the desired effects and pulling out the potency of the flower for other forms of CBD dosing you will need to decarb. 


By decarbing the flower, you are able to make potent DIY CBD products.





-Pet Treats 


The oven method of decarbing is simple and can be safely done at home. The goal is to lightly bake the flower to a golden brown. The method we will be going with will require lower temperature and longer cook time. Preserving terpenes is an important part of the decarboxylation process and is one of the main reasons why the decarb should be conducted at lower temperatures.                         


 Oven Directions

- Preheat Oven to 240

- Hand break or lightly grind flower

- Place in baking dish, oven tray or foil pouch

- Bake for 90 to 100 mins (check at 90 for the golden-brown color) Large decarbs may require slightly longer time reduce cooking time by 30 mins if using high THC flower

-Once cooled regrind and break down flower if needed

-Now that you have decarbed you are ready to use your flower for cookingand tinctures.


To reduce the smells of cooking cannabis the flower may be placed in a sealed mason jar and placed on an oven safe pan. (handle with care and allow for proper cooling)

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