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March 12, 2021 2 min read

Growing CBD Flower: What's the Difference Between Indoor, Greenhouse, & Outdoor Cultivation?

People have been growing CBD flowers for over 10,000 years. So, it's safe to say there's a significant amount of information on what works and where to tweak the process. There are three locations to cultivate hemp, outdoors, indoors, and in a greenhouse. Each offers advantages and disadvantages, including a difference in hemp flower quality.


Indoor CBD Flower and Hydroponic Hemp Flower - BackWoodz

Grow CBD Flower Indoors

The advantage of growing hemp inside is simple: You control the environment. With outdoor cultivation, the weather, including rainfall, wind, and temperature increases and decreases, are unpredictable. Your plants are at the mercy of Mother Nature, and as you know, she's not always merciful. The potency and yield of your crop depend on these factors, so getting it right is essential to cultivating top-shelf hemp flowers.

What's not as simple and takes time, patience, and learning, is the different temperatures, hydration needs, nutrients, and lighting needs of your plants. An indoor grow room setup can be costly, although prices are starting to fall as more people are farming their own CBD flowers. Over time, a home farming facility's costs can save money on the high costs of quality hemp products.


Outdoor CBD Flower and Sungrown Hemp Flower - BackWoodz CBD

Cultivating Premium Hemp Flowers Outside

Hemp is a hardy plant that's capable of growing in harsh conditions. It can flourish outside in direct sunshine with all the elements of nature. The terpenes provide a natural defense against predators and other dangers.

 An example of how strong and resourceful the plants are is ruderalis. Most people know there are two distinct flowers, sativa and indica. Ruderalis is a lesser-known option that can sustain and flourish in the harsh climates of Eastern Europe.

Despite having to fight Mother Nature, an outdoor cultivation process can produce a high yield of top-shelf hemp for less than half the indoor location cost. Additionally, the outside option tends to offer a richer flavor.

Along with being the cheapest way to grow quality plants, it's the most environmentally friendly. An indoor grow operation takes a lot of energy consumption. Even with the most efficient equipment, which is also more costly, you'll eat up many resources with an indoor operation.


Light Dep Hemp Flower and Greenhouse CBD Flower - BackWoodz

Greenhouse CBD Flower Farming

The best location for high-quality hemp flowers that maintain a delicious aroma and flavor from direct access to the sun is in a greenhouse. It allows you to control the temperature and other environmental needs. At the same time, you still have access to natural sunlight, which is the key to cultivating the best plants no matter what region of the world your grow area is located. With access to the sun, you can significantly reduce the need to use grow lights and limit the energy drain associated with a fully indoor operation.

Everyone's budget and available space vary. It's okay if you don't have space or funds for a greenhouse setup or indoor grow room. You can still grow high-quality CBD flowers outside with the right tools and techniques.


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