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August 15, 2021 3 min read

What is CBG flower?

Learn about Cannabigerol's (CBG) flower's benefits, and is it legal in your state?

In This Article, we will cover:

  • What is CBG Hemp Flower?
  • Potential Health Benefits of CBG Hemp Flower
  • Is CBG Flower Legal in Your State?
  • Where to Buy CBG Hemp Flower Online?


What is CBG Flower?


A lot of people are taking an interest in CBG flower, but what is CBG?

In short words, CBG flower is a hemp or cannabis bud that has been specifically produced to comprise high concentrations of the cannabinoid CBG, as opposed to CBD or THC.

CBG is also stated as the "mother" or "stem cell" cannabinoid because it is a predecessor to other cannabinoids.

Like other cannabinoids, it interrelates with our body's endocannabinoid system that affects cognitive & physiological processes such as sleep, mood, memory, cycles, pain response, and motor functions.

It is right to say that there are many enthusiasms about the potential of CBG, and it is prophesied to be hitting the shelves just as hard as CBD soon.


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Potential Health Benefits of CBG Flower

According to the several laboratory studies that were implemented on both in-vitro and in animal models recommends that, like CBD, CBG flower impacts are powerful and wide-reaching.

This is because the CBG Flower plays a useful role in the endocannabinoid system that works well in keeping our body running efficiently & effectively.

1. CBG Enhances Mood

CBG can support stimulating the body's anandamide production; its natural cannabinoid is often referred to as a "bliss" chemical. It Increases the levels of anandamide that directly boost the mood and feeling of wellbeing.

2. CBG Alleviates Anxiety

It also constrains GABA commitment – GABA works as a neurotransmitter that ascribes itself to receptors in the brain.

It supports by inhibiting the acceptance of this amino acid leads to enhanced levels of serotonin and GABA in the brain, which provide good results in tension reduction and a sense of calm for the brain & body. Numerous anti-anxiety medications are based on this treatment. GABA thought it is also supported to manage seizure issues.

3. CBG is Antibacterial & Antifungal

According to several searches, CBG has also been found an extremely effective antibacterial and antifungal source for fighting possibly life-threatening staph infections, such as MRSA, which are impervious to antibiotics.

4 – CBG is a Neuroprotectant.

It is also helpful to manage conditions such as Huntingdon's Disease due to its potent neuroprotective properties.

5 – CBG Reduces Pain & Inflammation

According to Ethan Russo's back in 2010, studies of CBG found that it is effective in treating inflammation & pain. The usage of CBG does not stop there, and it has also been found CBG reduces the growth of cancer cells and minimizes colitis. It also relieves intraocular eye pressure, making it a potential novel treatment (along with THC) for glaucoma.



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Is CBG Hemp Flower Legal in Your State?

Is CBG legal? It is complicated to know about the legal landscape of hemp cannabinoids. But CBG products are not well-thought-out as problematic as CBD products, and for two reasons. 

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a new market. It is an approved drug and does not fall under the "drug exclusion rule."

Moreover, according to the FDA, CBD is a new drug but is not approved as safe in food and placed under the Food Drug & Cosmetic Act. 

While products that contain CBD cannot be sold as nutritional supplements or under health claims because CBD has the position of a new in-market, approved drug by the FDA. 

On the other hand, CBG is not approved as a drug, which makes it less contentious. 


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Where to Buy CBG Hemp Flower Online?

Although CBG has grown in popularity, all quality of CBG hemp flower is not the same. You need to buy your CBG flower from a reputable source. BackWoodz offers CBG that is tested for its high CBG level, is non-toxic, organic and non-GMO. 


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