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Indoor BaOx ( Hydro )


Genetics: Hindu Kush / Otto II ( Sativa Dominant )

Scent: Spice / Fruity

Taste:   Herbal / Peppery

CBD Potency: 17.68


Trim: Hand


This True LED Indoor BaOx (Box) is our introductory strain into the wonderful world of hydroponic flower. This unbelievably smooth and flavorful smoke produces mild aromas of fruits and spices. We are first launching this award-winning Queen Hemp Company strain in smaller buds, allowing for a new and affordable smoking experience. 


*Led Indoor / Hydro*

*Small Bud Size*

Suggested Use: Night / Day


All our premium CBD Hemp Flower products go through 3rd party testing. Indoor BaOx tests out with a 17.68 CBD% and under . 3%THC delta 9 in accordance with Farm Bill sec. 7606 of The Agricultural Act of 2014 

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Fire 🔥

Complete fire 🔥 made my dayum lips go numb.