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Genetics: Suver Haze x ERB ( Sativa Dominant )

Scent: Tropical / Earthy

Taste: Woody / Diesel

CBD Potency: 16.48

Trim: Hand


This new harvest Lifter hemp flower comes in at over 16% CBD and has an astounding terpene (2.69%) profile making this a great entourage effect sativa to give an all day elevated mood boost. This is a great CBD flower for those looking for an all-day strain.


Suggested Use: Day


All BackWoodz premium CBD flower products go through 3rd party testing and organically grown without the use of pesticides. Lifter tests out with a 16.48 CBD% and under .3% Delta-9 THC. BackWoodz hemp flower is U.S Farm Bill compliant under the Agriculture Improvement Act (Sec. 10113).

CBD is a natural cannabinoid found in hemp flower. Due to the low legal limit of Delta-9 THC present in hemp, it is not a psychoactive form of cannabis.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jason Ronald Laba
Exactly as Described

Wow, what an amazing enhancement to one's mental health and well-being. I cannot describe it in too much detail, but this flower ELEVATES your mood, comprehensive skills, and eliminates fear from your mind. This herb is a true example of how the substance of a mostly naturally grown product can improve one's life incredibly. Keep it coming!

Travis Higgins
Fooled Me.

I actually thought that this was going to be some junk seeing that it is priced at a bargain rate. There is nothing wildly special about the taste. Its like original and straight forward. I usually consume before bed. As I was winding down after consuming LIFTER, I actually felt great and in a still relaxed state. I've even said wow a couple of times before I fell asleep. Even though I gave good reviews on their other strains, I must say...This is the $h%&! It really dose have a lifting effect. So don't be fooled by the price and try it.