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New! Purple Legendary

Genetics:  Legendary OG x Unknown ( Indica )

Scent:  Earthy / Herbal

Taste:  Spice / Floral

CBD Potency:  16.73

Trim:  Hand

New Harvest!  Purple Legendary is a herbal kush cultivar with floral notes and spice. This Legendary purple cut pheno is perfect for those looking to mellow out with balanced hemp flower. This indica is one that can be enjoyed for a relaxing evening or a perfect mid-day calming smoke sessions. 

Suggested Use:  Night


All BackWoodz premium CBD flower products go through 3rd party testing and organically grown without the use of pesticides. Purple Legendary tests out with a 16.73 CBD% and under .3% Delta-9 THC. BackWoodz hemp flower is U.S Farm Bill compliant under the Agriculture Improvement Act (Sec. 10113).

CBD is a natural cannabinoid found in hemp flower. Due to the low legal limit of Delta-9 THC present in hemp, it is not a psychoactive form of cannabis.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Smells Amazing

This is one of the best I’ve had , it looks insane and smells so good ! If it tasted slightly stronger I would give it a 5*

Richard Soroko

The smell alone gets u high. Awesome aroma, 2 hits & your FLYING HIGH. LOVE IT.🥴😵🤪