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Sweet Kush

Genetics: Kush / Bubba Kush ( Indica )

Scent: Fruity / Earthy

Taste: Sweet / Spice

CBD Potency: 19.52


Sweet Kush produces the signature kush cross dense buds that we have become familiar with at BackWoodz. This flower produces a tropical leading flavor, with a hint of mild spice that comes standard with Bubba genetics. This indica is one that can be enjoyed for a relaxing evening or a perfect mid day calming smoke session to relieve some extra stress.


Suggested Use: Night


All BackWoodz premium CBD flower products go through 3rd party testing and organically grown without the use of pesticides. Sweet Kush tests out with a 19.52 CBD% and under .3% Delta-9 THC. BackWoodz hemp flower is U.S Farm Bill compliant under the Agriculture Improvement Act (Sec. 10113).

CBD is a natural cannabinoid found in hemp flower. Due to the low legal limit of Delta-9 THC present in hemp, it is not a psychoactive form of cannabis.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Thomas Owen
Love this strain

I’m hesitant giving 5 stars only because 5 starts literally means the best. I’d say this is almost as good as you will get when buying cheaper outdoor flowers. I’ve ordered a pound of the budget trimmed stuff which was only £190. You can get an ounce

Not bad.

Smelled good and smoked okay. The product was a little on the dry side. I would consider shipping your herb with a moisture pack in the future. Shout out to the big nugs. Defiantly appreciate that